Parckr Business Services

Parckr produces top-grade information on truck parking areas and truckstops in Europe. Unique to Parckr is our ability to estimate and forecasts the occupancy rates of truck parkings that are not monitored. To learn more check out our product portfolio and technology below.


best of breed truck
parking information


3,000 parkings
8 countries
and expanding


& forecasts

our products

static data

Up to date information on the location, name and 50 attributes to describe facilities and services for more than 3,000 truck parking areas and truckstops in 8 EU countries.

sensor data

Realtime truck parking occupancy data from sensors in 4 EU countries.

occupancy forecasts

Estimates and forecasts of the occupancy rate of more than 3,000 truck parkings and truckstops in 8 EU countries.

bespoke solutions

Truck parking information solutions tailored to your needs.

How it works









data collection

Static data is manually collected and validated or sourced from trusted public sources and continuously improved and expanded based on community feedback. All data is uniformly structured and coded based on the European DATEX II ITP standard and can be supplied in popular and custom data formats.

sensor data

Sensor data is collected in real-time through Parckr sensors or sourced directly from truck parking and road operators by plugging into their access control systems and occupancy monitoring systems.

occupancy forecasts

Parckr fuses floating car data, real-time sensor data and community feedback to estimate and forecast the occupancy of truck parkings. The computer model that Parckr developed for this purpose uses big data analytics and artificial intelligence to continuously improve the estimates and forecasts. Occupancies can be forecast for different periods and intervals, e.g. every 15 minutes for the next 24 hours, or every hour for the next week.  

bespoke solutions

Parckr experts are specialised in the collection, validation, processing and analysis of truck parking data. Put our truck parking data, database, software components and expertise to work to optimise your business processes.

application areas

transport planning

Give transport planners the tools to plan around unsafe overcrowded truck parking areas. Parckr static data includes information on the safety measures in place and the official LABEL security classification. By integrating occupancy forecasts in transport planning systems, planners can check the expected occupancy rates of truck parkings along routes.

fleet management

Provide truck drivers in the cabin with information on the location, facilities and expected occupancy of truck parking areas and truckstops on their route by presenting Parckr information on their onboard unit. Improve the Parckr forecasts with feedback from your driver community.

smartphone and web

Enhance your trucking apps and web sites with Parckr truck parking information. Use our occupancy estimates and forecasts to show your users where there is spare room to park. Improve the Parckr forecasts with feedback from your community.

information portals

Our database and software components can provide the basis for ITP access points, truck parking information centres and portals for companies, road authorities and service providers.


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